Case Studies


Longcrier Construction Company

Longcrier Construction CompanyLongcrier Construction Company filed for bankruptcy, leaving $90 million in construction completion work, secured by bonds through Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. Fireman’s Fund hired DiGeronimo PC to perform a claims analysis investigation of these partially completed projects. More »


HotelThis hotel project involved the bankruptcy of the owner/developer/architect/ contractor. These four entities were combined as one group running the development organization. All parties defaulted upon bankruptcy of a single entity. Surety called in DiGeronimo PC for expert advice. More »

Downstate Correction Facility

Downstate Correction FacilityThe Downstate Correction Facility was completed in 1980 at a construction cost of $6.5 million, but only after the general contractor and later, a subcontractor, had defaulted on the partially completed construction.More »

Methane Gas Reclamation Building

Methane Gas Reclamation BuildingContractor default left this 35,000 square foot facility in Stamford, CT, in a partially completed state. Although the design was simple, the engineering was complex. Crum & Foster, Surety on the project, hired DiGeronimo PC to complete the project and manage the construction. More »

Power City

Power CityKemper Insurance Company asked DiGeronimo PC to conduct a prudency audit of Power City, a high-power electrical contracting firm. A prudency audit is an evaluation of the contractor's capability to support additional bonding capacity.More »


Mediterranean Towers North

Mediterranean Towers NorthThe client retained DiGeronimo PC to perform contract administration services for the Mediterranean Towers North Capital Improvements project. More »

Construction Safety Practices

Construction AccountabilityThe bank can be sued as a party to unsafe workplace conditions if a construction worker is injured or dies. The bank’s representative visits the site to see if further money can be advanced to the contractor. The construction contractor (recipient of the loan proceeds) is placing the bank (provider of the loan) in a situation where the is a potential liability resulting from unsafe construction practices. More »


Municipal Building

Municipal BuidingThe original architecture firm provided architectural and structural engineering services for the design of a Municipal Building. Portions of the building began to collapse after a period of time, and were subsequently condemned, causing the relocation of the entire municipal staff... More »

Public Housing

Public HousingAn owner-developer engaged an architect to design a public housing facility. The owner-developer sued the architect for delays alleging the architect's design documents required a significant number of clarifications to the construction contractor resulting the delay of the opening of the public housing facility. More »

High-Rise Office Building

High Rice Office BuildingA developer made numerous chnages to the design and completed construction for a high-rise office building without the assistance of the design architect, who was the architect of record. More »

Religious Community Retirement Home

Religious Community Retirement HomeA Religious Community hired an architect to design a retirement home for the elderly women in the religious order, focusing on specialized care for elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Upon completion, the architect's design did not meet accessibility standards.More »

Multiphase Residencial Project

Multiphse Residential Retirement HomeAn owner-developer engaged an architect to design a multi-phase residential complex. The architect provided both architectural and planning services to assist the owner-developer throughout the process.More »

Large Pharmaceutical

Large PharmaceuticalA large pharmaceutical firm engaged an architect to design a multimillion-dollar renovation of their manufacturing facility. When this architect completed construction documents, the pharmaceutical firm engaged a construction management firm, headed by another architect, to oversee completion of construction. More »